Protecting a Legacy with a Long-Term Strategy

How string instrument leader CodaBow became part of the Nesnah Family

In the summer of 2016, President and Founder of CodaBow International Jeff Van Fossen made a decision for the longevity of his composite bow-producing business. “Our industry has been around for centuries. We expect it to be around for centuries to come. For the brand to flourish over the next century, it requires a long-term strategy and stewardship that goes well beyond the tenure of the founders,” he explained. Nesnah Ventures shared Van Fossen’s vision and belief in long-term objectives, and they also shared his core values—most importantly, his emphasis on trust. Since then, CodaBow and Nesnah have worked together to forge a strong business model built on these foundations, with much success.

Forming a partnership with Nesnah has been just that, a partnership. Everything is shared, from effort to risk. With Nesnah handling administrative and human resources portions of the business, Van Fossen and team can spend more time focusing on the musical tools that provide so many with a beautiful form of expression. “By partnering with Nesnah, CodaBow is able to have access to human talent and resources that were previously unavailable,” said Van Fossen, of the advantage this partnership has provided his company.

Their ability to cultivate this talent for their partners has earned Nesnah Ventures a reputation as a “people-first” company. Van Fossen explained, “Ultimately any business’s long-term, sustainable, competitive advantage is its people. People are the lifeblood of any business.” Nesnah’s ability to continually protect and grow Van Fossen’s “lifeblood” has been invaluable for both partners, and ultimately has kept CodaBow’s long-term objectives—and legacy—in sight.