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Cottonseed Products

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We are “Cottonseed to Cows,” delivering both quality products and services to our customers and their cows, domestically and internationally.

Originally formed in 1981 by a group of Alabama cotton growers and ginners, Cottonseed, LLC was set up to market cottonseed to the dairy industry. At this time, the industry was beginning to learn of the nutritional components of cottonseed and the value this could bring to dairy production.

Today Cottonseed, LLC is a leading supplier to the dairy industry and purchases seed from across the Cotton Belt servicing dairies and feed companies in all the major milk production areas of the US and several International markets.

Cottonseed LLC utilizes trucks for direct to farm deliveries, a modern fleet of gondola railcars and barges to supply Western Markets, as well as, River Terminals and Warehouses located from Michigan to South Dakota.

All seed passing through our terminals is tested to measure its nutritional value and is also checked for traces of aflatoxin, molds or mycotoxins. Trucks are strictly monitored for FDA compliance with reg. 21 CFR Se. 589.2000 (the BSE Rule) and samples are retained from every shipment. We also provide additional supporting documentation for feed production facilities to help insure they remain FSMA compliant.

Services & Products

We are focused exclusively on cottonseed. Whole Cottonseed is the product left after ginning the long fibers from cotton. EasiFlo Cottonseed is a unique product that has all of the inherent values of whole cottonseed but has a starch coating applied that improves handling for formulation feeds. We also distribute Cottonseed Hulls.

Our sales team can provide you with timely market updates, the latest USDA information on growing conditions and production details. We offer both delivered and FOB pricing for spot sales, gin run sales and year-long “clock” sales. Having closed the sale, we can support those contracts with timely deliveries that are part of a “Keep Fill Program.” Ensuring an available supply provides peace of mind for the dairy and a consistent ration for the cows.

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