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President- Robbie Sage

General Manager- Brian Potter



WIScale is committed to providing products and services that are nothing short of excellent in the pursuit of creating a mutually beneficial synergy. Through trust and a mutual respect, we strive to create an environment where both sides grow and prosper together. We use world-renowned equipment from Rice Lake Weighing Systems. When your business is on the line, quality matters. Our team regularly undergoes training and certification to ensure nothing is left to question. Let our experts take care of the details. When you have both the best offense and best defense in the league, it’s pretty much in the bag so to speak. We’re confident in our products and services because we’ve been perfecting them for years.

Services & Products

We provide excellent support, quality products, rigorous training and testing, up-to-date certifications and technology, and a full-service team of experienced professionals. We provide weighing solutions for light, medium, and heavy capacities, product sales, rentals, and product leasing.

We believe routine calibration is essential to ensure your equipment is accurate and performing the demands of your business. When business relies on your scales, let your scales rely on us- lab scales, balancing, benches, retail and counting sales, floor scales, pallets, drums, livestock sales, truck scales, rail scales, and hopper scales.

Scales are a crucial part to many businesses. Whether you’re starting new or looking to update a deeply embedded system, our knowledgeable team is ready to help you with the transition. We’ll work with you to design the most efficient and best-fit solution to your needs- inbound logistics, inventory control, production-manufacturing, packaging, warehouse and distribution, outbound logistics, and quality control.

We also service and sell almost every scale you can think of- truck scales, aviation systems, balances, belt and bench scales, counting scales, batch scales, indicators and controllers, load cells, livestock solutions, rail scales, and so much more.

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