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Our Culture

Work doesn’t have to feel like work.

When you join the Nesnah team, you’re welcomed into a family and, often times, it’s with a hug. The legacy of our business extends to all of our employees and their own families. By bringing on talented employees who share in our family-first, faith-driven philosophy, Nesnah grows businesses fueled by good people. People who are open to the ongoing growth opportunities we can provide. People who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. And, most importantly, people you want to work with every day.

It’s all in good fun.

In true family fashion, we celebrate our employees’ achievements with a little bit of fun…and probably some food. We’ll remember your birthday and include you in our yearly events. Sometimes we even toss turkeys together—don’t worry, they’re frozen. There’s as much laughter here as there is collaboration and we’ve found that there’s no better way to go to work each day.

A Midwest Work Ethic.

Nesnah employees are the best of the best. We ensure this by offering continued education and training opportunities, as well as a healthy work-life balance to help support high-quality performance on the job. We encourage volunteering and support local causes to foster community connection for our Nesnah family. In turn, our employees are happy, well-rounded, and on the forefront of knowledge within their respective fields.

People of Nesnah

We will always treat you like family.

Payroll Lead

joined Nesnah, January 2004

“Nesnah Ventures is a family owned business that is true to their values and culture…”

Talent Acquisition Partner

joined Nesnah,  (Intern) May 2019 (Full-time) December 2019

“The saying, “It’s not about where you work, but who you work with” holds so much value… “

Document Management Specialist

joined Nesnah,  November 2014

“Here at Nesnah we are not just a number we are real people with opinions… “

Business Applications Lead

joined Nesnah, May 2015

“The diversity of businesses with the ability to learn about many different types of businesses…”

General Manager
for Venture Fuels

joined Nesnah, July 2006

“The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders and how they’re able to convey their vision onto everyone in the organization is one of my favorite things about working here…”

Data Analyst

joined Nesnah, April 2018

“At Nesnah you’re not just a number or a person taking up space at a desk. I know that my contributions and ideas are valued…”

Accounting Clerk

joined Nesnah, July 2017

“Nesnah has a list of core values. These are not just words on a wall or in the employee handbook; you see the values practiced every day…”

Staff Accountant

joined Nesnah, September 2016

“Work life balance is very important at Nesnah; your family comes first.  And your family is important to the Nesnah team too…”

Nesnah Ventures

Talent Acquisition Partner

joined Nesnah, July 2019

“I Love being able to come into work every day knowing what I am doing has a direct impact on the organization’s growth…”

Director of HR

joined Nesnah,  July 2000

“The variety of the business activities and the changes in the work environment are both interesting and create challenge… “


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